Explore The Multi Dimensional Self

After eons of true Universal Wisdom being suppressed, we have finally shifted, into an Age of Consciousness Expansion!

The light no longer hides in the dark, it shines its soul wisdom deep throughout the Cosmos. 

Human beings are waking up from their deep spiritual slumber, but they must be guided, initiated, and created certification of their spiritual mastery. 

A being who has gone through initiation, have received and integrated the wisdom of the God-Self. 

Today, we are here to bring the True Awakening and Ascension! 

The time for Spiritual Evolution is now! 

The Modern Era of Enlightenment, Truth, Wisdom, Consciousness, Energetics, Manifestation, Love, Connection, Peace, and Unity! 

Join Tanuj Soodan, as he guides you through the complexities of the Matrix Reality, your Earth Incarnation, and journey towards self-mastery. 

The Energetics and Metaphysics Bundle connects all of the courses, teachings, and energetic upgrades, into one cohesive unit. 

Additionally, included in the subscription, join Tanuj and Tribe on Bi-Monthly Live Zoom calls, focused on interaction, connection, and soul expansion. 

This membership bundle, is for the serious metaphysician, truth, and spiritual seeker, who desires to expand one's consciously to levels of infinitude. 

A place for true metaphysical mastery, ego and shadow work, community connection, and higher vibrational conversations.

This program is not for the weekend warrior, feint of heart, or dabbler. This is a serious consciousness expansion pack. Get ready to blast off into Infinity Consciousness!

But...for those souls who illuminate upon receiving these words, I invite you to join me, in true metaphysical mastery. 

We come together in Love, Tribe, and Unity, to expand one another, into new realms of existence and being. 

I'll see you inside!


Tanuj Soodan

The Consciousness Expansion Pack